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Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of running ad campaigns?

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Simplified platform

Tailor-made for SMBs, start-ups, and agencies. Run campaigns in < 5 minutes if your collateral is ready.

Optimize ad spend

Utilize our persona and ad optimization to reduce cost.


Agencies can execute campaigns, and view insights across multiple brands without switching systems.

Catalyze lead gen

Leverage our AI bot to jumpstart lead gen and conversion.

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LEAP forward with Crigloo’s full-stack ad platform


Utilize our guided four-step process to execute campaigns rapidly and with minimal effort. Our marketing experts have simplified ad campaign process so you can focus on running your business.

  • Simple four-step process
  • Omnichannel platform
  • Audience prospecting
  • Unified insights
  • Digital ad designer
  • DIY. One-stop-shop for marketers.
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Trusted by digital marketers, analytics firms, and product testers!

Amazed by the product
Crigloo has made the job of a paid campaign so easy and efficient that you can create ads across platforms, set audience, and budgets, and do A/B testing from a simple interface. It has gone even beyond that to integrate all the actionable data points in one place. The team was very helpful in creating customized dashboards, setting up events and goals, and doing deeper data analysis on different dimensions for some of my important campaigns.
Tuhin Ghosh, Digital Growth Strategist
(he has been using Crigloo for many of his client projects)
My tasks are now painless
At RainMan, we ran three campaigns using Crigloo. We targeted CMOs in large corporations. There was a 30 to 40 % reduction in CPC while using Crigloo compared to our prior efforts. Critically, we received a healthy response in the form of website visitors to our important pages. Their proprietary algorithm does a fabulous job of reducing cost via automated multivariate testing.
I recommend this product to all clients who want to reduce the cost of ad campaigns.


Our patent-pending omnichannel platform optimizes and executes your ad campaigns using a unified AI-based approach catalyzing user engagement, conversion and revenue.

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Scientific Marketing Powered by AI

Ad Explorer

Explore ad variants and let our AI bot steer the right ad to your chosen audience. Listed below are some examples:
  • Emoji: Test the utility of different iconography by having one ad with and one without.
  • Messaging: Investigate multiple messages and discover the message that resonates with your chosen audience.

Audience Finder

Discover the persona that best resonates with your creatives. Perform A-B testing using Machine Learning to aid in your discovery. Here are some examples:
  • Test Persona A, a sports buff, with Persona B, an opera buff and discover the right audience for your creativity.
  • Leverage geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral profiling to hone into your right audience.

Budget Optimization

Want to launch campaigns but unsure how much to spend on each ad network? Rest easy. Utilize our budget optimizer to let the bot automatically divvy up your budget.
  • Provide a unified financial envelope specifying the ad networks, and the bot will split the budget to maximize for your chosen objective.

Marketing Made Easy

Leapfrog your competition. Maximize your return on marketing.


Crigloo abstracts the difficulty of designing, executing and measuring campaigns. We have taken care of the underlying technical complexities so that you can focus purely on marketing. It is simple enough for you to Do It Yourself!

Ease of use

Design and launch campaigns in a few minutes. Our full stack application provides all you need to launch campaigns - Ad Designer, Audience Planner, Web analytics, Attribution and more.

Omni Channel

Crigloo is your single interface for multi network campaigns and performance measurement. There will be no need to leave Crigloo. It is your one stop shop.


Crigloo’s automated mode steers campaigns and spends on the right media to maximize your ROI. Just provide the campaign inputs and a budget and we will do the rest.


Multivariate testing need not be complex. We have made it easy enough for organizations of any size to test multiple ads & audiences on different channels for improved performance.


All In One Marketing

Leap Frog Your Competition. Maximize Your Return On Ad Spend.


All In One Marketing

Leap Frog Your Competition. Maximize Your Return On Ad Spend.


All In One Marketing

Leap Frog Your Competition. Maximize Your Return On Ad Spend.


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