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Our patent-pending marketing automation platform delivers a fully automated ad campaign leverging the power of Big Data & AI.
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Crigloo is to help small and medium businesses grow through online marketing solutions. At the forefront of innovation in digital marketing, Crigloo is to automate the creation and management of marketing campaigns, making the process of acquiring new leads as simple as ABC.

Our unique approach to pricing, coupled with flexible solutions, creative minds and proprietary technology make it easy for marketers and agencies to drive results that matter.

Our Story
A typical silicon valley start-up is conceived by twenty-something year old with very little life and business experience. Consequently, many products end up with a poor fit between the product and the business problem that it is attempting to address.
At Crigloo, we think differently. As seasoned experts in marketing and technology we identified key problems that are tremendous pain points in the marketing and ad tech space.For instance, many mid and large sized firms employ highly paid consultants to run an effective marketing and/or ad campaign. Additionally, the ubiquity of data requires machine learning experts to make sense of troves of data points. However, SMBs don’t have the same reservoir of capital to perform any of the above.
This is when we had an epiphany. The crux of our idea is “How do we democratize and catalyze ad campaigns for SMBs using Machine Learning/AI?”
At Crigloo, we have built an omni channel optimization platform that is super easy to use and yet powerful.
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Management Team
Unleash the power of AI-driven marketing campaign using CriglooTM
Badri Veeraraghavan
Badri Veeraraghavan
Co-founder & CEO
Sri Karumbati
Sri Karumbati
Co-founder & CTO
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Ad spend optimizarion
Our ad experiments platform pesonalizes ads for a given audience usinf sophisticated AI algorithms.
Media planning
Lets's remove the guess work and allow the AI-driven tool to autonoumously drive media spend across platforms.
Unified campaign
No more swivel chairs. Launch campaign on all major and networks using a holistict platform.
Unified insights
Get powerful insights that synthesize results across all major ad networks.